Why Choose Five Star Builders & Construction Services

From constructing private and commercial buildings to keeping up with their maintenance and repair, 5 Star Builders has expertise in all and we make sure to render quality home builder services each time.


The best part about 5 Star Builders is that we offer a full-solution service. From pre-construction needs to different phases of construction as well as the post-construction maintenance and repairing, we can do it all with the incredibly experienced people onboarded.

Once you hire our building contractor services, you do not have to worry about anything. We have the right staff, equipment, and machinery to cater to all your construction needs without hassle and confusion.


With a hands-on industry experience of all the 15 great years, 5 Star Builders takes pride in providing affluent services that are time-saving and cost-effective at the same time.

As soon as we’re assigned a project, our staff gathers to brainstorm the possible solutions along with highlighting the required resources and estimated budget. Thence, an idea and solution with the least possible investment and maximum outcome gets selected and presented in front of the clients.


Being a leading name in the construction industry for a significant period, 5 Star Builders happens to have an excellent reputation across the market. And so, we work with the primary objective of upkeeping that reputation and providing a 100% quality experience to each of our clients.

Additionally, each of the operations at our organization is kept transparent since the beginning. Thus, we make sure our clients know exactly in what direction their project is leading.


Because 5 Star Builders makes sure to do the extensive research beforehand, the pricing we offer in a proposal remains fixed. Also, we do not change our prices based on random fluctuations in the market.

To help you believe that, we provide each of our clients with a contract and payment guarantees that have been signed by the insurance companies or banks.


What Areas Does 5 Star Builders Cover?

We are the best building contractors in the Bahamas. Be it your private property or a commercial one, give us a call, and we will get back to you with a cost-effective solution for your problems.

I Own A Property That Needs Some Maintenance and Small Repairs. Can 5 Star Builders Be of Help?

Why not? 5 Stars Builders would love to help you with all and every kind of maintenance and repair that your property might require. We offer various maintenance and repairing services, from minimal plumbing and fixing to total property restoration, etc.

Just tell us your requirements and we’d come up with an incredibly cost-effective solution very soon.

Does 5 Star Builders Offer A New-Build Solution from Scratch?

Without a doubt, 5 Star Builders is a total home builders solution, and so we can provide the best new-build solutions in the Bahamas as well as outside the town. Whether you need our services from scratch, such as researching, budgeting, and building up a construction plan, or you have the plan in hand that needs to be activated soon, we can help you in all cases without hassle.

I Want to Expand My Existing Property’s Construction. Can 5 Star Builders Be of Any Help?

Yes, 5 Star Builders would be equally delighted to hear about your expansion ideas. We have worked on so many such projects that undergo improvement from an expanding point of view. Our services range from managing the external decorations to the installments of swimming pools, spa, sauna, and so on.

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